The act of listening to your client, their immediate needs, their near term needs, their long term needs, and pain points. We learn our client’s strengths, unique values, and what assets Oflander can leverage to achieve measured success as well as define exactly what success looks and feels like.


The process of using Oflander’s collective expertise and creativity in defining the path towards measured success. A strategy develops based on our clients’ needs and the possible resources available. Oflander, as a team, is free to create a path through established technology, or forge new software and techniques specific to the clients’ journey.


This is the project phase. It’s time to put theory to test and use Oflander’s collective talents, knowledge, and expertise and move in one direction to produce exactly what we’ve specified on time and on budget.


Replication is synonymous with handoff. This is the process of making sure our results can be produced time and time again by our client’s without the need of the Oflander team to manage the process.


The art of supporting the client to get maximum returns on their investments. This includes candor and the power to find faults, admit needs for improvement, and to challenge our original assumptions. Our clients are long term investments, and their growth is our growth.


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