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Brand Identity is the Starting Point of Any Business

Your business' identity sets the tone and mission of your business to its consumer audience. The aesthetics of your business, from your logo and tagline to font and color choices all comprise your business' brand identity and play a crucial role in how your business will be perceived by customers. Our team of branding professionals can help develop your business’ distinct brand identity so that you can appeal to your business' desired audience, and establish a reliable customer base as a result. From your logo and design to your unique voice and style, our team will analyze your business from every angle in order to develop a brand identity that is true to your values and will resonate with your target audience.

We’ll Create a Brand Identity that Your Customers Will Connect To

After learning more about your business and your target audience, our team of branding experts will determine the ideal branding approach. With your input, we'll make the necessary modifications to ensure that our branding is wholly representative of your business' vision. With the help of our brand identity service, we can help your business make an impression on customers. By thoughtfully establishing your unique brand identity, and successfully conveying your brand’s point of view, we'll connect your business to consumers and elevate your success.

A solid brand identity is an essential starting point for any business.

Case Study

Brand Identity: Jongle

When developing the identity for our client, Jongle, an on-demand marketplace app that allows users to purchase goods and services remotely from their mobile device, we knew developing a contemporary yet relatable identity would be essential for the business’ success. Because Jongle is designed to appeal to millennial users, our branding team took an energetic, fun-loving approach to their voice, look, and design. While also working closely with Jongle founders, we narrowed down the hallmarks of the brand’s personality. They wanted to be understood as playful and familiar, as well as memorable and unique. With the brand’s culture and personality in mind, our brand identity team established the app’s whimsical logo, enthusiastic voice, and youthful imagery that became pillars in our team’s branding of the modern, millennial driven application.