Online shopping is expected to pass the $1.5 trillion mark in 2016. It’s time for your business to focus online?

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But it can be intimidating knowing where to start, which platform do you need to service your business and customer’s needs. The Oflander eCommerce work group is a total development and sales support service to make day to day operations painless and profitable.

Total eCommerce Support

Our eCommerce knowledge has been honed over a number of years and along the way we’ve helped many clients get their business eCommerce ready, whether it be business to business, business to customer or customer to customer.  We can help you make sure your business offers secure transactions, online marketing, logistics, customer service – helping you provide a first class customer experience every time.

With the constant advances in marketing technology, you need our service. We will guide you and suggest the ultimate solution for your business needs. Keeping you informed of the latest trends in eCommerce and advising how to deploy technology to increase your brand value and your market share. Oflander is your first port of call when looking to bring eCommerce to your business.


Develop, Support, Administer


Trusted by over 300,000 stores, Shopify is the No.1 platform for businesses. Shopify gives you options to sell on your website, on social media or helps to process payments face-to-face.


Woo Commerce is the eCommerce provider for WordPress websites. It offers a range of themes for your online store, your business, your portfolio or your personal website.


Magento is the leading platform for eCommerce. $50 billion in gross merchandise volume annually is transacted through the platform. Magento is the leading partner for businesses across all sectors.


The time it takes for your marketing team to check data, conceive of a campaign and execute the strategy, the customer has likely moved on. Data becomes out of date hours, even minutes after the customer has exhibited behaviour that shows intent to buy. Therefore, you need a platform that takes the human insight out of the equation. You need to automate emails and text messages, website content and discount offers. This way you can capture the interest of the customer at the moment they are interacting with you and optimising this opportunity to convert the prospect to a sale.

Oflander has the expertise and knowledge to ensure your business is ready to act in a whim and secure that customer before they move on.

Maximise your online reach by forming partnerships with websites. These websites are paid for traffic sent to your site, so the incentive is firmly in your favour. The affiliate website carries the burden of marketing your product, in partnership with your brand identity and values, and you reap the rewards of the effort. At Oflander we’re experts at taking your brief and finding you the ultimate partners. What could be simpler that calling us?

Pay Per Click Marketing is where you only pay for advertising that generates a click, a means of buying visits to your sites. PPC marketing is offered by search engines such as Google offering the prime space at the top of the search list for those who “sponsor” a search result. In a world where few searchers click to see the second page of listings, the site on the opening page and at the top of the list is prime search engine real estate.

Let Oflander show you how to get your business at the top of SEO, Google Adwords and at the fore-front of the search terms.

People visiting your site are prospective customers, don’t let them get away. If somebody shows an interest in your product then you can target them with ad banners that display across other websites they visit.

Talk to Oflander and we’ll show you how to stop them getting away without spending first.

By sending an email to somebody who has abandoned their cart you will increase your conversions by up to 500%.

Oflander’s auto response trigger engages with your customers who abandoned their cart. A polite reminder, a discount voucher or recommendations, we’ll bring them back for you and increase your conversions by up to 500%

Market Place Integrations

List automatically on Amazon and manage your products. You can manage your existing sellers; remove or add items to your inventory and list in different languages, in different countries and broaden your reach.

Add new products to your Ebay storefront, choose to buy now or send to auction. You can list in multiple languages and increase sales by reaching across the globe. This is a great way to sell with minimum effort.

Rakuten in the an internet superstore, it draws millions of online shoppers through intuitive navigation and bargain prices. You can manage your listings and take advantage of the increasing traffic through this popular online superstore.

With the aim to undercut Amazon, has attracted the global giant Walmart. Take advantage of the buzz by listing easily and manage your settlers with ease.

Support Services


Product Entry & UPC Encoding

We can manage your unique product codes, which act as barcodes that track your sales.


Order Handling & Customer Service

With our end to end service we can manage your sales from order to customer service.


Inventory management

We can manage your inventory. We can track your products and display this simply to aid insights.


Technical Services

The client-side development that helps your customers interact with you.

Oflander will develop your website using any of the main programme languages such as WordPress, HTML, CSS and Javascript. We’ll improve your navigation, accessibility, functionality - so any lag with be a thing of the past. We’ll ensure your website is user friendly, maximising the customer experience so creating the ultimate relationship.

Managing the back end development of your website is crucial to page load speeds and reduction in downtime. Without effective back end development you could lose customers. Research by the Financial Times showed your customer has only a 2 second tolerance in load times, a split second could literally cost a sale.

Let Oflander manage your server efficiently and effectively so you have limited downtime and ensure your customers stay with you.

It’s all too easy for customers to move from site to site, churn is now the single biggest threat to all businesses.

At Oflander we’ve found a means of analysing the interactions with the customer, understanding the data and acting on this with strategies and technologies to help you retain the lifetime value of the customer. Our service provides you with the tools to provide excellent customer experience.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a business process software that integrates applications across your business. This software will then automate repeated and back office processes and help you to optimise your use of technology, your services and the management of your human resources.

Let Oflander show you how to reduce our overhead and generate efficiencies in your business.

Compliance requirements when you store customer details are high, and costly. PCI DSS is a burden. Payment gateways and tokenization allow you to submit payment requests using encrypted data - saving you a whole load of paperwork and potential data protection headaches. The customer's’ details are simply converted into a token before being communicated to the payment gateway.

Oflander can bring simplicity, safety and security to your business.

Locate a supplier, set up your store, set up an automated request to your supplier to ship to your user through your online store. No need for a warehouse, no need to enter into risky purchases of high value inventory. You have the vision, set up the marketing and then ask Oflander to help you automate your drop shipping.

Oflander’s cPanel helps you manage your website with no developer skills required. It makes account set up almost instant - under 1 second. Use our cPanel with a hosting support site and literally all your website management is under your control.

You need the help of experts to ensure you are compliant with the payment card industry security standards. Oflander can ensure that your secure sockets layer comply with strict auditing standards. We will help you secure your customer’s trust.