Let our local solution architects and international development talent take home your SugarCRM development project

SugarCRM Enables Businesses To Create Extraordinary Customer Relationships With The Most Innovative And Affordable CRM Solution In The Market.

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Each SugarCRM development path is unique. Every business and sales team have their own process. A solid platform is a great place to start. From there, every custom efficiency and automation that can be developed leads to the daily success of your sales force.

SugarCRM Development Services

Project Management

Industry & Business Process Customization

Data Migration


API Implementation

Custom Reporting

Marketing Automation

Project Rescue


Here are the areas that our SugarCRM clients request our services.

It all starts with the art of listening to our clients and understanding your specific needs and goals. From there, we architect a unique combination of modules and services to make your organization more successful.

It’s our goal to make this period of investment in your business both an economical and enjoyable process as we incorporate your ongoing input into your final product.

The old world was based on single monolithic software applications that tried to do everything but always ran short. Today’s methodology is more agile software components that are weaved together to meet every exact need. Our elite API developers are entirely focused on integration.

No CRM is complete out of the box because every industry has its own specific requirements and each organization has its unique workflow. CRM customization employes the developer’s mastery of the software to extend and adapt CRM software while staying within commonly accepted framework.

Our unique blend of onshore project managers, solution architects, and trainers as well as our offshore development offices give you the best blend of price/performance, as well as comfort and ease of communication when it comes to the training phase.

We understand that no matter how brilliant a solution is engineered, it's completely meaningless until your staff have full command of the CRM application. We’re here to patiently get each of your staff members across the finish line.

Sales Support

Lead Generation

Our sales support data team work day and night performing research and harvesting to provide a constant supply of fresh leads.

email marketing campaigns

Providing creative, campaign, and email reputation services, email marketing is a cornerstone of Oflander’s services

sales automation

Fine tuning your sales process by automating many of the sales tasks that your salespeople perform results creates interactions at the right time.

Get to know your development team that is completely dedicated to your success.

You are moments away from Oflander’s CRM group comprising of solution architects, CRM developers, API developers, and sales support staff being completely at your disposal.

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