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Powering 26% of the internet and trusted by over 2,000,000 websites, WordPress has become society’s go-to platform for websites of all types. Let our talented WordPress developers create any front or back-end code to meet your company’s needs.

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Responsive Web Page Development · Web & Mobile App Development

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Responsive Web Page Development · Web & Mobile App Development

Whether Oflander is working with your existing team or taking full project responsibility, we approach every project in a disciplined and meticulous approach. Each with their own separate established development disciplines, the members of our team collaborate under the supervision of the SCRUM master who unifies the development pipeline, thus establishing an innovative, efficient, and a collaborative work environment with production schedules and development costs you can rely on.

We know that timing is everything. Even if you have your own team, we can help you accelerate your project to completion. When called upon, we can rise to the challenge of time-sensitive projects, even when we’re developing new technology as we go.

Does your brand have a mobile project, like an on-demand marketplace application? Our development team can extend the functionality of your app across varying native app platforms and client driven Javascript applications. Our UX/UI designers will create one beautiful user interface design and seamlessly integrate it across platforms.

There are times when the original developers are unavailable, no longer in business, or simply not a good match for a shift in needs or technology. Our senior leadership can tap into your exact needs and project requirements to get your project back on track.

Long Branch Development

What others do in weeks and months, we do in days and weeks

API Development

Look no further than our skilled team of U.S based API developers when it comes to communicating from the restful API straight to the core engine.

Web Application Development

If you’re looking for a SCRUM team to carry out your project, you’ll love our english-as-first-language documentation and our speedy and efficient approach to projects.

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